The membership in the Association is voluntarily.

A member of the Association can be anyone with individual and legal entities who comply with its statutes and share the goals of the organization and the means to achieve them.

Conditions for admission to the Association

  • Individuals – must meet AT LEAST ONE of the two conditions::
    • professional experience as a teacher of Bulgarian as a foreign language – minimum 2 years;
    • diploma for completed higher education in philological, pedagogical or other specialty related to the goals of the Association.
  • Legal entities – must meet the condition:
    • to share the goals of the Association and the means for their achievement.

Acceptance of membership

The members of the Association are accepted by a decision of the Management Board, based on a written request submitted to the Chairman of the Management Board, who considers the application within one month. Admission of members is by open ballot and simple majority. The refusal of the Management Board is subject to appeal before the General Assembly. The decision of the General Assembly is final.

Rights and obligations of members

Each member of the Association can:

  • participate in the activities of the Association and in the work of the General Assembly;
  • be elected to its governing bodies;
  • exercises control over the work of the Association and the governing bodies;
  • be informed about the activities of the Association;
  • uses the property of the Association and the results of its activities;
  • be entered in an electronic register of members .

Each member of the Association is obliged to:

  • pay a membership fee, respectively for a individual or legal entity, in a term and amount determined annually by a decision of the General Assembly;
  • comply with the statute of the Association and to work to achieve its goals;
  • work for increasing the prestige and property of the Association and raising its public authority.

Termination of membership

Membership is terminated by a decision of the Board of Directors in the case of :

    1. unilateral statement of intent to the Association – submission of a written request to the Management Board;
    2. death or being sent to prison;
    3. exclusion in the presence of actions that make further membership incompatible – damage to the prestige of the Association, actions contrary to the Articles of Association and / or decisions of the General Assembly and the Management Board;
    4. the termination of the legal entity – member of the Association;
    5. non-payment of membership fees for six / months or in case of culpable non-fulfillment of the assigned task – upon a report of the cashier or another member of the Management Board.

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